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Negen is a Finnish genetic testing and analysing technology company founded in 2015 by geneticists and physicians. Negen provides genetic testing-based solutions for consumers, biobanks, corporations and healthcare professionals in public and private sector.

Specific focus is at risk-prediction of common multifactorial diseases. Traits for which genetic information is provided include type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and deep vein thrombosis. Medaffcon met with Kirsi Auro, Medical Director and Genetic Scientist, and Tomi Laitinen, Sales Director, to hear more about Negen’s visions on promoting future health.

Negen foresees the importance of enabling individuals to take into account their personal risk data that will allow them to make life style changes accordingly. Negen’s genetic tests have been developed to provide risk prediction information for multifactorial diseases present in Finnish genetic heritage, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and deep vein thrombosis. Gene analysis tests has been developed in co-operation with the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). The relevance of the genetic variants used for risk prediction has been validated in the unique national FINRISK population data before adding it to the test panel. Test panels are also periodically updated based on the latest scientific information. In addition to the currently available genetic tests, new tests, such as those predicting risks for specific cancers, are under active development.

In addition to providing genetic testing, Negen focuses on genetic interpretation services. Genetic test report (see the video “Negen gene test report overview” below) provides information on both genetic risk prediction scores and lifestyle factors in an easily understandable and visual format.

“We at Negen want to provide an easy-to-understand everyday tool for everyone seeking support for the personal health choice decision making. The increasing use of genetic data in healthcare has a potential to produce significant savings in the future. Understanding your own genetic factors allows you to make the needed life style changes, leading to more efficient disease prevention and healthier life” says Kirsi Auro, Medical Director of Negen.


Since the beginning of June 2018 Negen gene tests can be picked up from the pharmacy shelf from selected pharmacies.

Learn more about Negen’s gene tests from the video presentations below, provided by Tamro Oyj.

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