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FinnGen study launched in Finland in December 2017 is a unique personalized medicine project that brings together Finnish universities, hospitals and hospital districts, THL, biobanks, international pharmaceutical companies.

FinnGen aims to find the next breakthroughs in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment by matching genome information with digital health care data from national registries for the 500 000 unique blood samples collected by the nationwide network of Finnish biobanks.

All Finns can participate in the FinnGen project by giving a biobank consent that allows the use of their samples. Unique heritage of the Finnish population allows genome data to be analysed faster and more effectively compared to populations with more heterogenous origins.

”All breakthroughs that arise from the project will eventually benefit health care systems and patients both locally and globally. The study will, for instance, help us find new areas for drug discovery and ways to prevent disease. The FinnGen study will most definitely have a positive impact on the attractiveness of Finland as a global pioneer for medical research and innovation,”

Research Director Aarno Palotie,
Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), University of Helsinki.

The active phase of the project, involving collection and genotyping of biobank samples, is planned to occur by 2023. All data produced during the project will be owned by the Finnish biobanks and remains available for utilization by researchers and companies.

Aims of the FinnGen project in a nutshell:

Aim 1: Produce medical innovations by combining health registry and genome data.
Aim 2: Support Finland to become a pioneer in biomedicine and personalised healthcare.
Aim 3: Create a co-operation model between public sector and healthcare industry.
Aim 4: Provide early access to new personalised treatments and health innovations for all Finns.

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