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FIMMIC is a Finnish software company providing cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) -powered solutions for digital pathology.

FIMMIC’s recently (March 2018) launched Aiforia platform accelerates image processing and analysis with self-service deep learning algorithms and automatized pathology image analysis capabilities. With the new features, users can apply either their own deep learning algorithms or order on-demand algorithms to perform laborious image analyses rapidly and accurately.

Majority of the FIMMIC’s current customers work either in academic or pharmaceutical research fields. Pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s particularly benefit from Aiforia’s valuable tools for efficient and quantitative image analysis of large sample sets. For clinical patient care, Aiforia will enable faster and more accurate diagnoses and more personalized care.

Learn more about FIMMIC and Aiforia from the interview with CEO Kaisa Helminen from the link below.

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