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Digital Health Revolution study is a multi-disciplinary effort initiated 2014 in Finland involving Universities of Helsinki, Oulu, Lapland and Aalto, Technical Research Centre of Finland and Tampere University of Technology.

In the Digital Health Revolution (DHR) pilot study in-depth health- and life style information was collected during 2014-2017 from 120 volunteers, including e.g. health questionnaires, health check-ups, blood, urine, saliva and stool samples as well as sensor data of physical activity and sleep. Long-term goal of the study is to find out, whether returning analysed data along with individual lifestyle coaching can affect disease risk factors, prevent diseases and improve individuals´ motivation to lifestyle changes.

During the study participating individuals received comprehensive information of their health and possible risks identified based on the genome information, biological sample analyses and information of the health questionnaires. By returning information researches were aiming to increase individuals´ awareness regarding their health and possible risk factors, as well as to increase the interest towards regular health status monitoring. Study participants received also consultation by a personal trainer to give tailored lifestyle coaching based on every individuals´ personal health and risk factors. The purpose of coaching was to guide people to follow-up the actionable factors that have impact on their health and wellbeing and empower people for making beneficial lifestyle changes. Study also determined how participants experienced the collection of in-depth health information and return of the data.

Information collected in the study was stored into individuals´ digital MyData accounts. All information and samples collected in the DHR pilot study were transferred to biobank, based on individuals´ consents. Operation models developed in the study for next-generation health check-ups combining individual´s health state data from different sources, will have the potential to impact the utilization of individual-driven health data in the future.

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