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Fifth Corner Inc. published a consumer application YOU in 2015, which topped the lists around the world, and was e.g. the first recommendation in the Apple App Store in the USA. Today the YOU consumer application has hundreds of thousands of users.

YOU application helps to prevent problems associated with today’s modern information workers, such as stress and burnout. The application supports the user in starting the change and creating new behaviours with a programme consisting of small micro-actions and remote coaching.

“We wanted to create a science-based, scalable and personalised service to help people in preventing diseases through successful lifestyle changes. We started to develop a service focused on behavioural change, because we had noticed that there were plenty of information and different trackers/sensors in the market, but people were left alone in implementing the changes”
CEO and founder of YOU, Nelli Lähteenmäki.

In the healthcare sector, YOU co-operates with e.g. Mehiläinen as part of their recent preventive occupational healthcare services. YOU has been created for companies that want to support their team members in recovery, stress management and development of their working habits, aiming to prevent typical health challenges related to information work and increase peoples engagement. YOU app is always a personal tool of an individual team member, even though its´ use would be sponsored by the employer. Personalised YOU programme and remote coaching is available for customers of Mehiläinen occupational healthcare, in a risk-based and scalable manner.

“We believe that in the future, scalable, inspiring and personalised lifestyle change programmes form an indispensable part of healthcare. Technology enables earlier diagnoses, personalisation of preventive actions and supporting people in a scalable manner, which is a huge paradigm change! We will continue to be a part of this important and influential change through Fifth Corner Inc and YOU application”, concludes Nelli Lähteenmäki.


You App logo.

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