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Real World Evidence in healthcare decision-making

Real world evidence has great potential to be used in healthcare decision-making especially in Finland. Real world data (RWD) and real world evidence (RWE) are referred to as health-related data and evidence obtained from multiple sources outside of traditional clinical research trials.

Finland has several assets enabling the use of RWD and RWE, such as national registries, disease-specific registries, hospital data lakes and a biobank infrastructure including six regional and three national biobanks. Information obtained from different data sources can be efficiently combined by using the national ID system, providing means to build coherent data entities.

The currently ongoing reforms in Finland aim to advance the use of RWE besides in research, also in e.g. product development, innovations and decision-making.

The aim of this site is to develop data driven decision-making in Finnish healthcare. To access the main site switch to the Finnish language version from the navigation or click the link here.

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