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Mikä tekee Suomesta ainutlaatuisen biopankki maan?

Medaffconin tieteellinen projektipäällikkö Werneri Tuompo käsitteli aihetta Medaffconin asiakasillassa huhtikuussa 2018. Katso video esityksestä ja lue lisää aiheesta alla (englanniksi).

Finnish hospital biobanks

What makes Finland a unique biobanking country – what’s all the noise for?

Research utilizing biospecimens and data collections available in biobanks has an established role in the field of health care and biomedical research. Biobanks collect biological samples and related information from consented people for the purpose of future studies. In Finland we have 10 biobanks, which can be divided into national (3), regional “hospital” biobanks (6) and private biobanks (1). Finnish biobanks are owned by health care districts, universities, National Institute of Health and Welfare, organizations and private companies. The processes are organized by unique Finnish Biobank Act (688/2012). Supervision and recording are managed by National supervisory authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). Biobanking is evaluated high in the Finnish health sector growth strategy and therefore it is a strongly growing field in Finnish healthcare and research infrastructure. Finland has a competitive edge on the utilization and commercialization of biobanking.  This is because of the homogenous heritage, democratic healthcare, strong governmental support and national registries that have been built over several decades. Finnish biobanks provide unique opportunities to promote healthcare and health-related research both nationally and internationally.

Read more about Finnish hospital biobanks here:

Finnish Hospital Biobanks_9.4.2018 (pdf)

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